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The Standard Marketing

Client FAQ

Welcome to our FAQ section!  

Here, you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we receive about our services, process, and how we can help your business grow. If you have a question that's not answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

What services does Standard Marketing offer?

Our objective is to facilitate exceptional results for your enterprise, concentrating on enhancing customer loyalty and substantially augmenting brand revenue. We recognize the distinct challenges and prospects encountered by each client, customizing our approaches to meet your individual requirements. 

Brand Development

We offer a comprehensive Brand Development service that is uniquely structured around integrating customer feedback into the core of your brand strategy. Our approach recognizes that the most successful brands are those that listen to and evolve with their customers.

Brand Engagement

We specialize in elevating brand engagement through direct consumer interaction. Our service is meticulously designed to forge stronger connections between your brand and its audience, fostering a deeper sense of loyalty and enhancing overall brand perception.

Strategic Customer Retention Solutions

We help transform your customer churn and return/cancellation rates into powerful insights and actionable strategies to enhance customer loyalty and retention. Our service is designed for businesses seeking to understand, mitigate, and reverse the trend of losing customers, thereby ensuring long-term profitability and customer satisfaction.

Revenue Growth Strategies

Our Revenue Growth Strategies service is meticulously designed to empower businesses in achieving substantial growth by focusing on three pivotal areas: attracting new customers, nurturing repeat business, and effectively advertising new products or services. This comprehensive approach ensures a multi-dimensional strategy that not only expands your customer base but also solidifies your market presence through customer loyalty and innovative product promotion.

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To get started, please contact us through our website, via email, or by phone. We'll schedule an initial consultation to discuss your needs, goals, and how we can help drive your business forward.

Our dedication to transparency, customized strategies, and measurable results sets us apart. We believe in building partnerships with our clients, offering personalized attention, and adapting our approach to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of each project.

Yes, we typically engage with clients on a contract basis to ensure a clear understanding of the scope of work, deliverables, and commitments on both sides. Contract lengths vary based on the services provided and client preferences.

We are here elevate your business to unprecedented levels of success. As committed partners in the realm of brand enhancement, we focus on empowering a diverse range of clients with innovative strategies and cutting-edge solutions. Whether you're a burgeoning startup or an established industry leader, our tailored approach ensures that your unique brand story resonates with your audience, driving growth and fostering sustainable success. We are dedicated to transforming visions into tangible results, making your success our ultimate goal.

A standard marketing strategy refers to a comprehensive plan designed to achieve specific marketing goals and objectives within a set timeframe. It outlines the approach a business will take to reach its target audience, promote its products or services, and ultimately increase sales and market share.


This strategy typically includes:

  1. Market Research: Understanding the target market, including customer needs, preferences, behaviors, and demographics, as well as analyzing competitors.

  2. Marketing Objectives: Setting clear, measurable goals such as increasing brand awareness, boosting sales, improving customer engagement, or expanding into new markets.

  3. Target Audience: Identifying and segmenting the audience to tailor marketing efforts effectively.

  4. Marketing Mix (4 Ps): Deciding on the Product (what you are selling), Price (how much you are selling it for), Place (where you are selling it), and Promotion (how you are communicating your product).

  5. Channels and Tactics: Choosing the right channels and tactics to reach and engage the target audience.

  6. Budget: Allocating resources efficiently to various marketing activities based on their expected return on investment (ROI).

  7. Performance Metrics: Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of the marketing strategy and adjust tactics as necessary.

  8. Timeline: Setting a timeline for the execution of different marketing activities to ensure timely progress towards objectives.

A standard marketing strategy is dynamic and should be regularly reviewed and adjusted based on market trends, customer feedback, and the performance of marketing initiatives.

The Standard Marketing in Kansas City is dedicated to supporting local businesses and the community through various non-profit initiatives. Our approach to helping local businesses through non-profit work includes:

  1. Community Engagement: We partner with local non-profit organizations to host community events, workshops, and seminars that provide education and resources for small business owners. These events offer networking opportunities and promote local businesses, enhancing their visibility within the community.

  2. Pro Bono Services: Understanding the unique challenges faced by non-profits and small businesses, we offer pro bono marketing services to select organizations. This can include branding, website development, digital marketing, and strategic planning to help them increase their reach and impact without the financial burden.

  3. Volunteer Efforts: Our team volunteers time and expertise to support non-profit projects and campaigns. By lending our marketing skills to non-profits, we help them achieve their goals, whether it's raising awareness, driving donations, or recruiting volunteers.

  4. Educational Resources: We create and share educational content and resources tailored to the needs of non-profits and local businesses. This includes best practices in digital marketing, social media strategies, and tips for effective online engagement.

  5. Collaborative Projects: We foster collaborations between non-profits and local businesses to create mutually beneficial partnerships. These projects not only help non-profits but also allow businesses to give back to the community, build their brand reputation, and engage with new audiences.

By integrating our marketing expertise with a commitment to non-profit work, The Standard Marketing in Kansas City helps strengthen local businesses and the community, creating a positive impact that goes beyond traditional business objectives.

To read customer reviews about The Standard Marketing, please visit our dedicated "Testimonials" section on our website. Additionally, you can find unbiased reviews and feedback on popular platforms such as Google My Business. These platforms provide valuable insights from our clients regarding their experiences with our services, allowing you to gauge the quality and effectiveness of our marketing solutions. For your convenience, direct links to our review pages on these platforms are available on our website under the "Reviews" section. By exploring these reviews, you can make an informed decision about partnering with us for your marketing needs.

The Standard Marketing places a high value on client feedback and reviews as they are essential for our continuous improvement and client satisfaction. Here's our approach to handling client feedback and reviews:

  1. Active Collection: We actively encourage our clients to share their experiences and feedback through various channels, including direct emails, our website, and third-party review platforms such as Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook.

  2. Prompt Response: We make it a priority to respond to all feedback and reviews, whether positive or negative, in a timely and professional manner. This demonstrates our commitment to client satisfaction and our willingness to engage in open communication.

  3. Analysis and Implementation: All client feedback is carefully analyzed by our team to identify areas for improvement. We use this information to refine our processes, services, and customer service practices. Positive feedback reinforces our strengths, while constructive criticism guides our improvement efforts.

  4. Follow-up: For feedback that highlights specific concerns or issues, we follow up with the client directly to understand their experience better and to resolve any issues. This follow-up may involve additional discussions, service adjustments, or other actions to ensure the client's satisfaction.

  5. Transparency: We believe in transparency and openly share client reviews and testimonials on our website and marketing materials (with the client's permission). This helps prospective clients understand the quality of our work and the experiences of our past clients.

  6. Continuous Improvement: Client feedback is integral to our continuous improvement culture. We regularly review our feedback handling processes to ensure they are efficient, respectful, and geared towards making meaningful improvements.

By adopting this comprehensive approach to handling client feedback and reviews, The Standard Marketing ensures that our clients feel heard, valued, and satisfied with our partnership.

The Standard Marketing 

Careers & Jobs FAQ'S

Welcome to our Careers & Jobs FAQ page! Here, you’ll find answers to the most common questions about career opportunities, the application process, and what it’s like to work at The Standard Marketing. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to consider joining our team.

Applying for a Job

  • How do I find open positions at The Standard Marketing?

    • Open positions are listed on our Careers page. We keep this page updated with all current job openings, including details on roles, responsibilities, and required qualifications. We might not have all of our roles posted on our career page at times. If you are interested in jobs outside what we have listed please contact our hiring team at

  • What is the application process for a position at The Standard Marketing?

    • To apply, submit your resume and a cover letter through our online application system. Ensure to tailor your application to highlight how your skills and experiences align with the job description.

  • Can I apply for multiple positions?

    • Yes, you are welcome to apply for any positions that match your skills and interests. Please submit a separate application for each role or email us with positions or career opportunities you be interested in working with our company. 

Interview Process

  • What does the interview process involve?

    • Our interview process typically includes a preliminary screening call, one or more technical or role-specific interviews, and a final interview with HR or the hiring manager. The process is designed to assess both your skills and cultural fit.

  • How should I prepare for my interview?

    • Research the specific role through LinkedIn. Be ready to discuss your experience, skills, and how you can contribute to our team. Think of examples that demonstrate your abilities and prepare any questions you have about the role or company.

  • What is hiring process at The Standard Marketing?

    • Our Hiring Process at The Standard Marketing At The Standard Marketing, our hiring process is meticulously crafted to be thorough and transparent, mirroring our commitment to upholding high ethical business practices, embracing diversity and inclusion, and offering our team substantial opportunities for career advancement and comprehensive benefits.

    • Here's a glimpse into our process:

      • Sourcing: We initiate our search for candidates through a variety of channels, ensuring we attract individuals who not only meet the essential qualifications but also resonate with our vibrant and forward-thinking culture. We are vetted and approved by every job board we use, guaranteeing a wide and diverse talent pool.

      • Screening Resumes: Our HR team meticulously sifts through applications to identify candidates whose skills, experiences, and personal values align with what we stand for and our operational needs.

      • Preliminary Zoom Call: Candidates who catch our interest are invited to a preliminary Zoom call. This initial conversation allows us to discuss their experience, ambitions, and potential compatibility with our organization.

      • Formal Interview: Following a successful preliminary assessment, candidates move on to a formal interview. This stage involves in-depth discussions about their qualifications, problem-solving capabilities, and how well they align with our core values and goals.

      • Final Round Interview: The concluding phase of our hiring process is a final round interview with our senior management. This stage is crucial for assessing mutual compatibility, discussing career growth opportunities, and ensuring alignment with the strategic direction of The Standard Marketing.

      • New Hire Orientation and Start Date: Once a candidate is selected, we extend an offer. Upon acceptance, we commence the onboarding process and determine a start date that allows for any necessary preparations.


  • Our Hiring Practices Emphasize:

    • High Ethical Standards: We prioritize fairness and transparency throughout our recruitment process.

    • Diversity and Inclusion: We cherish and seek out diverse perspectives to enrich our team.
    • Career Growth Opportunities: We are dedicated to providing avenues for professional and personal development.

    • Company Benefits: We offer a robust benefits package to nurture our team's well-being and satisfaction.

  • At The Standard Marketing, we are devoted to cultivating a talented team and fostering an environment where individuals can flourish both professionally and personally. We eagerly anticipate welcoming new members who are keen to start a fulfilling career journey with us, backed by our commitment to ethical practices and diversity.

Work Environment and Culture

  • What is the company culture like at The Standard Marketing?

    • Our culture is built on creativity, innovation, and collaboration. We value diversity, encourage open communication, and strive for a positive work-life balance. Our team is dedicated to continuous learning and growth.

  • What initiatives does The Standard Marketing have in place to promote diversity and inclusion?

    • At The Standard Marketing, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment. Our initiatives include diversity training programs, creating diverse hiring panels, and supporting various community and industry events that promote diversity within our field. We actively seek to include voices from different backgrounds and perspectives to enrich our workplace culture and innovation.

  • How does The Standard Marketing encourage team collaboration?

    • We foster a culture of collaboration through regular team meetings, project-based workgroups, and open communication channels like Slack. Our office spaces are designed to encourage teamwork, with open spaces for brainstorming and quiet areas for focused work. Additionally, we host regular team-building activities and retreats to strengthen our bonds and foster a sense of unity.

  • What is a typical day like at The Standard Marketing?

    • A typical day at The Standard Marketing varies depending on the role and current projects. Generally, it starts with a check-in or team meeting to discuss priorities and tasks for the day. Team members then work on their projects, with opportunities for collaboration through meetings or co-working sessions. We encourage breaks and flexibility, allowing team members to manage their work in a way that suits their productivity best.

  • Can employees contribute ideas or feedback on company policies and culture?

    • Absolutely. We believe that the best ideas can come from anywhere within the organization. Employees are encouraged to share their thoughts and feedback through regular surveys, suggestion boxes, and open-door policy meetings with management. We regularly review and consider this feedback when making decisions about company policies and culture improvements.

  • What social activities or events does The Standard Marketing offer?

    • We host a variety of social activities and events throughout the year to keep our team connected and engaged. These include holiday parties, happy hours, team lunches, and outings. We also participate in industry events and conferences, providing opportunities for professional growth and networking.

Professional Development

  • Does The Standard Marketing support professional development?

    • Absolutely. We encourage our team members to pursue continuous learning through workshops, conferences, courses, and other educational opportunities. We often provide financial support for professional development activities.

  • How does The Standard Marketing support career growth and development for its employees?

    • We are deeply committed to the professional growth of our team members. The Standard Marketing offers a variety of development opportunities, including access to online courses, workshops, and seminars. Employees are encouraged to set career goals, which are supported through personalized development plans, mentorship programs, and regular performance and growth reviews.

  • Are there opportunities for advancement within The Standard Marketing?

    • Yes, we actively promote career advancement and internal mobility. We prefer to fill leadership and advanced roles from within our team, recognizing and rewarding the hard work and contributions of our employees. Opportunities for advancement are communicated openly, and we support the transition with leadership training and support.

  • Does The Standard Marketing offer any formal mentorship or coaching programs?

    • Yes, we offer mentorship programs where employees can be paired with more experienced colleagues to guide their professional development and career path. This program is designed to offer personalized advice, support, and learning opportunities to help employees achieve their career objectives.

  • What kinds of professional training does The Standard Marketing provide?

    • We provide a wide range of professional training programs tailored to the needs of our employees and the demands of the industry. This includes technical skill development, leadership training, industry-specific certifications, and soft skills enhancement. Our training programs are delivered through various formats, such as in-house training sessions, online courses, and external workshops.

  • How does The Standard Marketing encourage continuous learning?

    • Continuous learning is a core part of our culture. We offer a learning stipend for employees to pursue relevant courses and certifications. Additionally, we organize regular "lunch and learn" sessions where team members can share knowledge and insights on various topics, fostering a culture of learning and curiosity.

  • Can employees attend conferences and industry events?

    • Absolutely. We encourage and often sponsor employees to attend relevant conferences, workshops, and industry events. These opportunities allow our team to stay at the forefront of marketing trends, network with professionals, and bring fresh ideas and best practices back to our agency.

  • What is the process for requesting professional development resources or opportunities at The Standard Marketing?

    • Employees are encouraged to discuss their professional development interests and goals with their managers during performance reviews or one-on-one meetings. Requests for specific resources, courses, or conferences can be submitted through our internal professional development request system. Each request is considered based on its relevance to the employee's career goals and the company's objectives.

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